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PP of Tx carries a variety of smokers and grills customizable to your needs and specifications.

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PP of Tx Smokers are Professional Level cookers that are easy enough for a beginner to use.  Click below for more information.

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Create competition-quality smoked meats with ease with a Backwoods Smoker.   Teams using Backwoods Smokers have won a number of major competitions.

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Using a patented double wall construction, we have put high quality insulation into every cooker.   This gives you superior heat control in your pit.   Because of our double wall design, you can walk up to a Backwoods Smoker which is cranking 400 degrees of heat into the pit, and touch the outside of the cooker which is still cool!

Our smallest smoker, "The Chubby", was awarded Top 10 Best Value Residential Smoker in 2014 by AmazingRibs.com

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All Products are made right here in the U.S.A., in Dixie, Louisiana.   We are open to feedback and can answer any questions you may have about our products.


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